"People are more depending on IT for communication, business, and other purposes, which is useful, fast and convenient, however it is uncontrollable at the same time. So, the security for IT users is essential. For internet technology, the internet security is necessary since there are several cyber-world activities which could become inevitable problems for internet users either they are adults or kids, such as, online games, pornography websites, online gambling, online predators or cyber bullies. The internet protection software is an effective monitoring tool to control internet usage behaviors as well as blocking and filtering content which is unfavorable.

Not only internet security software, but other security software for electronic devices users is also important, especially removable devices which store important or personal sensitive data. One of the popular solutions is cryptography or generally known as “encryption”. Encryption software is a kind of the blocking software for protecting important files in storage devices from data hackers or unauthorized access. With the more complicated password protection algorithm, the encrypted files or drives are not easy to be hacked or opened. So, this type of data security software is quite efficient for people who want to keep their files secured in USB, hard disk, or computer."

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Welcome to Wizard Drive

Keeping important data in removable drives is risky for drive lost, stolen, or accessd by unauthorized person. Protect your important files and folders with "Wizard Drive" the most powerful USB security and hard drive security. The strong encryption software of AES-256 bits encryption algorithm empowers Wizard Drive to lock files and folders at any kind by only one password protection. Wizard Drive also offers full-functions encryption software for optimized removable drives and files encryption management.

  • Encrypt files, folders through removable drives.
  • Simply lock drives with one password.
  • Customize upto 3 classes of drive security key.
  • Adjustable to organization use.
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"Wizard Drive" USB Drive and Hard Drive Security

Lock files with powerful encryption software

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    What is Wizard Drive?

    Wizard Drive is a powerful drive security with strong drive encryption software using AES - 256 bits encryption algorithm, which is compatible to USB drives and hard disk drives. Use Wizard Drive to lock files and folders in removable drives, your important data will be well potected from unauthorized access. Read more...
  • Wizard Drive products

    Wizard Drive offers wide range of USB security and data encryption software. Wizard USB Drive can lock files and folders within 64GB of USB drives. Wizard Hard Drive provides more encryption capacity for hard disk drive. Wizard Drive Professional is the best solution of fully-functional files encryption software. Read more...
  • usb security, lock files, encryption software, usb encryption, files encryption, encrypt files, data encryption, hide files

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    Lock files and folders today with our encrypted USB drive, hard drive, or encryption software at low-price but high-quality. Your personal data, a masterpiece of work, business project plan, and more important files will be well protected by our innovative encryption products. Select the Wizard Drive Product match to your need. View Products...